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I am an Irish artist living in Perth, Western Australia. My work is an exciting range of realism and abstract painting, most often based on nature.

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Since before I can remember, I’ve always had a love of art and a fascination of nature. As a child I would be constantly drawing faces and various animals. After school (if I wasn’t kicking a ball), I’d be catching and studying bees and butterflies or some type of little fish.
My education however was strictly academic. Sport got me through secondary school. It wasn’t until years later, after doing business in college and emigrating to the USA, that I rediscovered my creative side. I had been working as a painter and decorator and was encouraged to take on some short Art classes. I had a couple of pieces in a group exhibition and out of the blue won a scholarship to the Yard School of Art, Montclair, NJ. At the time I honestly thought that it was my mates pulling a prank on me. But actually this was to be the beginning of my creative career.
I took on more courses in advanced painting and decorating techniques. For the next few years I worked for a company called The Magic Brush. Here I had the opportunity to paint murals, learn a vast array of applications and develop a thorough understanding of paint.
In 1995 I returned to Ireland and set up business as a decorative painter/artist. Things went well and I quickly became established. I completed many artistic commissions and reckon I’ve decorated half the pubs in the country. In 1998 I took a year out and travelled around Australia. I was very taken with the aboriginal art, especially the spiritual connection between the artist and the subject.



Back home, I set to work on a series of paintings of my beautiful new baby girl, Ellen-Mai. These, along with more portrait work and abstracted faces were to make up my first solo exhibition. It was called “My People” and was held in the local town hall, Portlaoise, March, 2000. By now I had taken on a part time job teaching and rented a studio. In 2001-2002 I exhibited a series of work titled “Minibeast”. This was most definitely inspired by the aboriginal art I’d seen down under. I was finding a sense of direction and developing an interest in colours, patterns and shapes. There was also a distinct “macro theme”, which I believe followed on from some of the intimate paintings of Ellen-Mai.
Ellen-Mai sleeping
Ellen-Mai sleeping
Library Community Art Project


In 2002 I emigrated again, this time to Australia and now with 2 young kids, my son, Paddy only 10 months old. I took on a job training painting and decorating apprentices which I am still involved in today. All the while I was noticing how different nature was over here. I began painting and documenting these amazing specimens of insects, feathers and plants I was finding. I regularly exhibited in groups and with some success. In 2011, I had my first solo show in Australia. I was featured as artist of the year at a beautiful little gallery in Perth, called Monart. The series Natures Little Wonders received much acclaim. This work has been released on limited edition prints and is selling well.
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I’m still drawing faces and my new work is very different – right from the spirit of me, spontaneous and natural. I love continuous line drawing, the movement and infinity of it. Maybe it’s a Celtic thing? Some of the paintings are looking like masks and animals feature heavily. I feel excited and energised to continue in this fashion. So watch this space! There’s plenty more to come.
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